Frank, Elvis & Raines 

is coming to a restaurant/bar/fun place near you!

Until further notice and the pandemic weakens, I will not be performing in public, HOWEVER...
Tune into Frank's Friday Live at Five! on Facebook Live, every Friday evening from 5-7pm for 
the "Frank, Elvis & Raines!" show,
just not necessarily in that order? 
A different show every week, always promoting local restaurants and carryout, and his favorite cause, the DSA Scholarship Fund! (see below for more info or go to 
elvisdsa/ )

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Elvis' DSA Scholarship Challenge!

Elvis' DSA Scholarship Challenge
is a Virtual 5K Run (or walk) / 1K Swim / 10K Bike, where you do your own events, enter your own times (you CAN update them if you do better later!) and we raise money to suppliment the DSA Scholarship Fund! Every year, the DelMarVa Swim Association gives out scholarships to deserving swimmers from across the league, but with no swim season this year, there is no income from Champs and such, and these kids still have college bills! Click on the link below to get to our website, sign up and join the fun!
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Frank sings Frank (and Nat & Bobby & Michael & more)!
Elvis onstage at the Betahany Boathouse
It's the Raines set, & he's getting into it at the old DBC.
Elvis sings with his daughter, Megan, occasionally onstage.
Elvis has shown up on stage with Bruce?
He performs onstage at Cliffapollooza at the Bottle and Cork!
Of course there is still "Breakfast with Elvis" at the Starboard
And "Running of the Bull" there too!
Want to know more?

If you've seen the video, the song, "My Little Boy's Christmas", from Frank's CD, A Comeback Tribute, is available for sale, right here on this website via PayPal. Or find it on!
And if you haven't seen the video, use this link to check out Frank's, "My Little Boy's Christmas"
Now, Frank is a man of many hats. Which Frank Raines are you here to check out?
The complete entertainer - tuxed or properly attired for whatever the event!
Is it Frank Raines, the singer/entertainer, musician, actor, emcee, TV host/interviewer, producer, entertainment jack-of-all-trades, who has been entertaining professionally for 43 years? Able to sing a wide variety of types of music with his incredible voice, while using humor and his entertaining style, Frank can captivate any audience.

The most recent headshot - with that serious look for all of the acting work happening locally this year!

Could it be Frank Raines, the skilled and accomplished actor with several principal roles on his resume. A member of SAG/AFTRA, now one union, please keep in mind that he is only available for acting work approved by the Guild. With his many vocal talents, Frank has done voice over work, celebrity impressions, a variety of international accents, and even "Voice of God" work for conventions, pageants and awards shows. For a resume or specific vocal questions, contact Frank directly or through the agency that referred you to this website.

Consider Frank's many talents to be something like a buffet. For example, you could choose Frank Raines, the singer, to entertain and sing dinner music before your special event. Frank Raines, the emcee, is the perfect host for your dinner meeting or special awards ceremony. When you need that extra special entertainment to totally enthrall the audience, have Frank transform into the King of Rock & Roll. Then, complete the evening with Mr. Raines returning to sing and entertain with a set of party and dance music, to send your event off to a flying finish. Frank is so versatile, you can book him for one service, or as many as all of them!
For more on "Frank, Elvis & Raines!", the Mid-Atlantic's favorite restaurant act, go to our Bookings/Schedule page.
And, of course.....

Ladies and Gentlemen,

One of the country's best Elvis Tribute Artists (ETAs) is right here and available to you for your special event.
HE is in the building!

Whether it's hanging out with, performing for and singing with the President of the United States at the White House.....
Or at the Grand Hotel (across the river from the Royal Palace) in Stockholm, Sweden (for the MOST lavish event I have ever been to)...
Or simply performing Live! on stage for hundreds or thousands of excited fans - When it comes to Elvis Tribute Shows, Frank is THE KING!
Did you know
Frank Raines has had his 
own successful financial business
for over 18 years!

The Business Professional.
Contact me for information.

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Did you know that Frank.....
has been an actor on stage, television, commercials and in movies.
has met with and worked with, some of the biggest names in the private and public business sectors.
has opened for, or performed with, some of the biggest names in music!
has been host and emcee to just about any kind of Live audience and televised program you can imagine.
has produced and hosted Nationally televised beauty pageants. This is a great job, but a lot more work than you would ever imagine.
began his solo recording career as a country music artist.
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Welcome to the future!

Here it is, the new website with great pictures and more information than ever. Use the links on the left column to navigate between pages and check out everything. Pages with pictures from previous performances and events. A page with information for booking and contacting Frank. A page to check out selected cuts from the CD and click the link for purchasing your own copy. And lots, lots more! Then, one final page with Raines family pictures. Watch the girls growing up! 

This is the Official Frank Raines Website!


Did you also know......

... Frank became a professional musician at 18 in 1974 to help pay his way through college?

... Frank spent half of one summer at John Davidson's Singer's Summer Camp in 1979 to hone his skills as an entertainer?

... after failing to make it as a full time entertainer, Frank worked retail, then joined his first financial firm in 1981 (he started in finance that long ago).

... in 1988, Frank answered an ad for a singer for special events, which led to a part time career in singing, emceeing, and producing beauty pageants (and bikini contests, and scholarship pageants, and etc.)?

... it was only by happenstance, after joining a new beachhouse in 1994, that Frank literally fell into the beginning of his career as an Elvis Tribute Artist at the Starboard in Dewey Beach, Delaware?

... Frank has performed from Vegas to Atlantic City, including to the White House - twice! He and the President sang Blue Suede Shoes together.

During his musical career, Frank has performed all across the country, and around the world.
...In 1999, Frank left the Banking and Mortgage Industry and eventually started his own successful Financial Planning business in 2002.

Knowing all of this, isn't Frank the entertainer you need for your next event?
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