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Reminiscient of Elvis' 1968 NBC-TV Comeback Special record cover, Frank's new CD, "A Comeback Tribute" is Frank's view of What If Elvis Returned 2Day? (not 2 W.I.E.R.D., is it? - and I know it's spelled too WEIRD). Featuring the musicians of The Dewey Elvis Storm on the CD, it portrays Frank's ideas of Elvis doing modern versions of his own hits, Elvis versions of recent music, and originals in an Elvis style. It also includes two cuts of a special holiday song, "My Little Boy's First Christmas" - an  orchestrated version and an unplugged, acoustic version.

The CD features Chris Patry on all Guitars - Lead, Rhythm, AND Bass Guitar, and Bill Gatter on Drums. Both are still vital parts of the live performance. Though Keyboardist Tom Eicher is no longer with the band playing live, his talent and assistance were integral to making my dream of the CD a reality. Multi-talented Cheikh Ndoye (call him "Shake"), now handles the Bass Guitar work, allowing Chris to concentrate on being one of the best guitarists in the area. Billy, formerly of Tisra Til from the Delaware area, provides a solid rocking beat giving the music its modern feel. Together with Frank, they bring Elvis into the 21st Century, and help bring his music and his legacy to a whole new generation.


So what will you hear on the CD?

As Elvis' NBC-TV Special opened with a medley of Trouble and Guitar Man, the CD opens with a medley of Trouble into a song Elvis did in the 70s, T-R-O-U-B-L-E (a song covered by Travis Tritt in the late 80s). Sounds of Double Trouble, really it's Trouble/T-R-O-U-B-L-E! In 2002, A Little Less Conversation was remixed and released in a modern dance version. In 2003, The same was done with Rubberneckin'. Elvis would have never performed these songs like those remixes, but I believe he might have done them like I did on the CD, if he were to do them today. I also updated Kentucky Rain and If I Can Dream on the CD.


Elvis loved to cover the music of other artists, including female singers. On the CD, I cover several songs by other artists, but in an Elvis style, much like he did in concert. These include U2's Mysterious Ways, Elvis Costello's Peace, Love and Understanding, Jesus Jones' Right Here, Right Now, and a haunting, yet powerful version of Melissa Etheridge's I'm The Only One. Add in a few originals in an Elvis style, and you have my view of "What If Elvis Returned 2Day?" Be sure and listen to the words of the beautiful holiday song, My Little Boy's First Christmas. There is a wonderfully orchestrated version, and as a bonus, I threw an unplugged version on the end of the CD. I think you'll like both, but let me know if you have a definite preference. I love the input!


Click on the songs below to listen to clips of songs from the CD, "A Comeback Tribute!", plus a bonus clip from 1992!

Please be patient while .wav clips of songs load, they are large files that may take several seconds. Do not attempt with 56K modem. For complete versions, order the CD here!

These are the recorded versions of these songs for the CD. When played Live, by the band, at a show or in concert - It's even better!


Trouble - To open the CD like the 1968 NBC-TV SpecialT-R-O-U-B-L-E -Elvis did it before Travis Tritt!Right Here, Right Now - Elvis should open a show with this today, listen to the words!.
Peace, Love and Understanding - the Elvis Costello rocker as a ballad - Check out the "sweet harmony"A Little Bit of This - A rocking original I wrote for the fun of it!I'm The Only One - Elvis loved great songs, and he could have made Melissa Etheridge's classic his own!
My Little Boy's Christmas - an original holiday song to take to heartRubberneckin' - This Elvis song was remixed as a dance song in 2003, this is how I think he would do it todayKentucky Rain - This Elvis classic I updated, featuring my wife on background vocals
How Does She Do It Like That? - A great groove and a catchy hook make this the best original single from the CD.A Little Less Conversation - Featured in the movie remake of "Ocean's Eleven" and remixed, I give you a concert version.Getting Over You - A catchy song with anpther fun hook written back in the 80s by C Street Mix members and I.
Mysterious Ways - Elvis does U2, and rocks! Check out the bass riff in the middle break (when you buy the CD)!If I Can Dream - Elvis closed the 1968 NBC-TV Special with this song, as I do on this CD with an updated versionNot on this CD, but from my first album. "An Oriole Memorial" was a tribute to the Orioles moving from 33rd Street to Camden Yards. A bonus treat to you, for checking out the website!
Though the band is no longer together or available for bookings, I thought you might enjoy the story of how we came together to make my last CD! This was a GREAT band of tremendous musicians that could do it all.
Live - New Year's Eve

When I decided to do this CD, I knew I would need quality musicians, but they should work well together. Though we got off to a slow start, I finally found the right mix for the job. Originally, Tom Eicher, a wonderful friend and a Masonic Brother, offered to help me record it and to play keyboards. Once the scope of the project became apparent, he knew we needed a recording pro. He introduced me to Chris Patry (pic above left), who I now know, will be a friend for life. And besides that, he is one of the most talented guitarists I have ever met. Chris played on, engineered, helped produce, and remixed, and mastered the CD. Thank you Chris!

I knew the perfect drummer for this project was Bill Gatter (pic above center), formerly of TisraTil, whom I performed with at the beach many times in the 90s. He now lived in DC and his style fit the majority of the music we were playing. And besides, he was a big Elvis fan.

Chris played bass guitar, lead, and rhythm gutars on the CD, but live, well, we know that wouldn't work. He is by far, one of the most talented guitarists I have ever worked with, so it would be a waste of talent for him to even think about playing bass live. However, he had been playing with an extraordinary bass player from Senegal, who was interested in giving it a try. I am so pleased to have Cheikh Ndoye (pic above right, and again, it's pronounced "Shake")playing with us. He is a virtuoso on the bass guitar. A totally, welcome addition! 

Though Tom Eicher (pic at left) no longer plays with us live (he has returned to his old band), I cannot say enough about all he did to help me complete my dream of this CD. The band performs (as seen right) as myself and the 3 other musicians. I am constantly on the lookout for a keyboard player (have them give me a call), and may at some point, add backup singers. But for now, it remains the four of us!


Frank Raines and the Dewey Elvis Storm - Live!

or simply call us Frank Raines and de Storm!

We are the party band for the 21st Century!

Playing Classic Elvis, Elvis Concert Versions, and the music Elvis would perform if he were rocking and rolling today!

Your classic favorites like Jailhouse Rock, Blue Suede Shoes, Hound Dog, and Heartbreak Hotel.

Concert versions of Suspicious Minds, Big Hunk of Love, Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel, and Can't Help Falling In Love.

Modern versions of A Little Less Conversation, Rubberneckin', Kentucky Rain, and If I Can Dream.

And of course, Elvis-style covers of AC/DCs You Shook Me, U2s Mysterious Ways, Melissa Etheridge's I'm The Only One, and other artists such as Elvis Costello, Maroon 5, Cake, Counting Crows, Bon Jovi, Harvey Danger, Dead Eye Dick, 3 Doors Down, Social Distortion, and many, many, more.

A Band For Everyone! 


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