Frank Raines Pictures as The King of Rock and Roll!
Real Elvis with President Nixon
Promotional Button from Movie
Frank by Showtime booth at Baltimore Convention Center

The King Meets The President - Again!

Above left - Elvis Meets Nixon - following handwritten letter by Elvis to Nixon - Dec. 1970

Above center - Elvis Meets Nixon - a Showtime Original Movie Presentation (based on the real event) - summer 1997

Above right - Frank Raines as Elvis for Showtime promoting the movie at Cable Conventions - summer 1997

Below left - Frank Raines as Elvis and President Bill Clinton at a White House Birthday party for the President - Aug. 15, 1997

Below center - Bill Clinton hand signs(?) a thank you note to Frank for his performance (He enjoyed The King so much, Elvis is invited back a second time later that  year for another performance). Click on this and all pictures on these pages for better viewing.

Below right - The President jokes and sings "Blue Suede Shoes" with Frank during the birthday party.

Note their hands in this picture!
A letter arrives from the White House.
I said, "Sir, follow me," and I sang "One for the money."
Viva Las Vegas!


A wonderful charity event every year is the Night of 100 Elvises in Baltimore. Carol Carroll puts on a great show!

Elvis knows how to utilize a showgirl!

Elvis was a regular for 15 years at Yuletide Madness, at the National Press Club! Here are pictures from Madness past.


At the Starboard!

Most Sundays during the summer, and on special weekends, it's Breakfast with Elvis!, a set of rousing Elvis music to get the crowd in an even bigger, partying mood. You never know what is going to happen on Suicide Sunday at the Starboard! And of course when Jimi Smooth & Hit Tyme are in town, you know the King will join them on stage!

Enjoying the moment with Maddy
Behind the bar, Rockin'!
Fighting the Bull at "Running of the Bull!"
The back of the New "Breakfast with Elvis" T-Shirt
Working it with Jimi Smooth on stage at the Board.
Click the pic to read it!
On stage with Southside Johnny
At the Dewey Bartender's Ball, Elvis is asked to sit-in with Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes. Below, a fan's husband watches her with the King!
Finale to Burning Love with the Asbury Jukes!
On stage with Jimi Smooth and Hit Tyme during another year's Ball.
It's Good To Be The King!
What was the Bartender's Ball in Dewey is now the Winter Ball, and Elvis is still at it with Jimi Smooth and Hit Time!

Frank, as the King, leading Hit Time through a rockin' Elvis set!
This was such a great shot of Jimi and I, I just had to add it anyway!
As seen singing the National Anthem on the big screen at MCI.

We know Elvis Presley performed at the Capital Center in 1977, but how about at the MCI Arena (in the 21st Century for various events including to sing the National Anthem!)? Click on pix for better viewing.

Performing as Elvis, as shown on-screen during a performance at the MCI Arena





Sports Illustrated, Dec. 23, 1996

Elvis appeared at the first Raven's game at Memorial Stadium, and has been there ever since. He was been seen nationally in magazines, on TV, and still performs pregame at the Indusco lot!

Baltimore Magazine. Sept. 1997
Start of Miller Lite commercial seen on Conference Championship telecasts.
Title of National Contest to find the NFL's Most Rabid Fan
During the commercial, various fans in action are shown, including Elvis working the crowd as he passes (with Miller Lite beer in hand - yes. it was Miller Lite - they owe me!)
Fans want their picture with Elvis at games.
With a favorite crowd from PreGame Shows at Indusco.
Fans jump out into the middle of the show to get a picture with Elvis!
*************** More Pix *****************
Elvis on the nationally syndicated comedy television show - "GRINS!"
Frank does a split during "Suspicious Minds"
Elvis finally gets to have a word with Michael Jackson!
A classsic car show at Thomas Chevrolet
Elvis and "The Women of USA3000 Flight 302"
Young Elvis sits in with the Corvairs
And the girls go WILD!
Opening for Matchbox 20
American Trilogy Musical Climax

And there will be more to come from "The King's" many adventures!