F, E & R - What is Frank, Elvis & Raines All About?
Set 1 - The Frank Set  -  A set of Frank Sinatra and dinner style music to fit the crowd. It may be mostly Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Bobby Darin, Dean Martin, Michael Buble' and more of that style from the 50s and 60s. OR, it may blend some 70s light rock in for a more mixed crowd.

No matter the crowd, Frank adjusts the set according to the crowd for a set of tasteful, dinner style music for listening, and even dancing. And he can lighten it even more with a bigger blend of music, again, depending on the crowd.

Fron a performance sing the dinner set in a casual setting.
A more fromal look!
Live at the Forgotten Mile.
As a 32 degree KCCH Scottish Rite Mason, Frank has long been involved with fundraising for the Scottish Rite. For the past several years, Frank has been a featured performer on their Nationally televised webcast, "Celebrating the Craft" (CtC) helping raise money for their very worthy causes including his favorite, Rite Cares. Rite Cares is a free program for children in need of speech and language therapies including such problems as dyslexia. This has becaome a pet project of he and his wife, Maureen, a teacher and certified dyslexia specialist. The TV studio videos you see below, are from various CtCs and appear courtesy of the Scottish Rite and the Carlin Company, producer's of the show. We thank them for allowing the use of these! You will note a scoll at the bottom of these videos from various shows they were taken from. But please forgive the crazy looks I have on my face in the picture preview.

These clips are from various shows I've done over the past few years, of music that I've done during the Sinatra dinner set.

Frank Raines, 32° KCCH - Way You Look Tonight from The Carlin Company on Vimeo.

Frank Raines, 32° KCCH - Mack the Knife from The Carlin Company on Vimeo.

Set 2 (a) - The Elvis Show!  -  40 minutes to an hour of the King of Rock and Roll in one of the most entertaining Elvis Tribute shows you will ever see! This is not one of those boring performances of some guy standing up there, thinking they are Elvis? No! This is Frank, performing, yet totally entaining you with music and fun in his interpretation of The King!

If you are an Elvis fan, you will love not only Frank's incredible voice, but his ease and charm in entertaining and having fun with his audience. This IS, the best of Elvis!

Rocking On-stage!
In black!
With cape, bathed in the stage lights!
Check out these videos of Frank in Tribute to the King of Rock and Roll!

Frank Raines, 32°, Valley of Washington, DC-SUSPICIOUS MINDS from The Carlin Company on Vimeo.

CTC 2016 Frank Raines, KCCH, Valley of Washington, DC - America Trilogy from The Carlin Company on Vimeo.

CTC 2017 - Frank Raines, 32°, Valley of Washington, DC - My Way from The Carlin Company on Vimeo.

CTC 2016 Frank Raines, KCCH, Valley of Washington, DC - 68 Comeback Medley from The Carlin Company on Vimeo.

Frank Raines, 32° , Valley of Washington, DC-HOW GREAT THOU ART from The Carlin Company on Vimeo.

Set 2 (b) - Sometimes a restaurant or bar doesn't want the big Elvis Show, yes it happens! I have a restaurant that simply wants great music all night long and loves the "other stuff".

This is an example of what I call the "Yacht Rock Set". I have NO problem doing this instead of the Elvis Show! It is combination of mostly 70s and 80s music. Lighter fair, as the name, "Yacht Rock" implies. You get your Seals and Crofts, England Dan and John Ford Colby, the Eagles, Rupert Holmes, America, Boz Skaggs, Christopher Cross, and more! You get the idea?

Probably a lot of the music you grew up with? I may even sprinkle in an Elvis tune here or there, if requested. But it is a continuation thru the years of the easy, great music I began the night with, with the dinner set. Maybe it's a dinner set for the next generation, or maybe I am just keeping the music going that I hope you love!

Here will be a couple of clips form the "Yacht Rock" set, I hope you enjoy. I will add more as get them from various gigs!
Set 3 -    It can continue in a lighter vein for certain restaurants, but this is also where we can cut loose. And this can go in a variety of directions. After the Elvis Show, the crowd is usually wound up and ready to party.
       I love to take it into a 70s-80s-90s&more direction with dancable, singalong party music! I'll do Southside Johnny/Springsteen/Van Morrison music, along with some other 70s and 80s classics. Love that era and my fans do too!
       I have even been known to do some disco/dance music, like K.C & the Sunshine Band, Barry White, Wild Cherry, The O'Jays and more. I'll even 80s funk it up with Cameo or E.U., or go modern with a Bruno Mars or JT!
       But, at one establishment I regularly perform at, They love their country music, so I mix a few from above with classic country, newer country, and country rock, to rock that house!
       I like to call this the "Raines Set", because I do what ever Frank Raines is in the mood for. But we adjust to the crowd to find the music they love (that fits my voice!), too! You also never know what old slow song I will pull out of my hat to get you up slow dancing to.

This final set can go all over the place, musically, and can go for a while. And that's how I like it! Singalong Party music from anywhere in the last 60 years! To dance music whether it is Rock'N'Roll, Disco, Funk, Country, whatever! And a few ballads to let you get close...
And depending on the occasion, Frank can perform a variety of music including:

Frank Raines-, 32° KCCH - Hallelujah from The Carlin Company on Vimeo.